Saturday, January 08, 2011

The first of many...

The first of many blogs about my fatness.  Oh yeah.  I said it.

In case you didn't already know, I'm a sparker.  What that means is that I identify myself in part by a website I like to frequent and a website that has done great things for me in the past.  Its kind of like being a "trekkie" or a "tubie" or something like that.  (P.S...I totally just made up in youtubie...did you get it?  ha ha ha)  Only for me - its Sparkpeople. 

So, I have some good friends on that sight and we essentially motivate each other to lose weight.  Only the thing is that unless you are really feeling it - you yo-yo...which, I hate to have to admit this what I did all last year.  Up and down ...up and down.

But at the new year I decided to scare myself straight.  So, I got online and read all about Type 2 Diabetes.  I'm prone to being diagnosed with it.  I had gestational diabetes...I am overweight...I like carbs...  And scare me it did.

So - here I am at the end of week one and I lost 4.6 pounds this week!  Wooohooo!

How did I do it? 

1. I ate right.
2. I exercised daily.

Sheesh.  I hate it that those back to the basic methods are the ones that work.  But they do.

I checked myself out in the mirror today to see where the "nearly" 5 pounds left from.  I'm thinking it was my left foot.  Weird, right?  But my left foot slipped into my boots much easier today than it did yesterday.  And I was wearing thicker socks.  (Aren't my powers of deduction stupefying?)

Sparkie McSparkster signing out...4.6 pounds skinnier...

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The Hannant Family said...

Nice job lady. I too went on spark people a couple of years ago. I'm sorry you had to scare yourself but so glad you are seeing success. I just bought a formal to wear at Dave's kick off meeting. It doesn't make my arms look good and felt a little tight to me so that is my current motivation. After that it will be Mexico.