Sunday, January 23, 2011

12 days and counting...

I'm sure I've mentioned at some point how much I long to be considered a woman of mystery... with smoky eyes that allude to deep secrets and incredible adventures.

Ok...side story...I love side stories so bear with me here...I have to tell you that I was madly in love at one point with a young man named Mika (pronounced mee-kah) who actually told me I was a very mysterious woman.  Sheesh...if I hadn't already had a case of a serious crush, I would have immediately developed one just for that comment.  Too bad he ran off to Israel with the foreign service before I had a chance to show him my smoky eyes too.  (bwahahaha...I make myself laugh)

Regardless...unfortunately my lot in life is to be a very organized practical individual.  And naturally that means I'm also a planner.  Now, I've worked very hard to make myself not be an anal rententive planner.  C'mon...all you anal retentive planners out there know EXACTLY what I'm talking about.  If its NOT on the calendar its not happening.  Period.

Well, I've been searching for decades for the perfect calendar to use and I've never found it.  For a long time I followed in my mother's footsteps and purchased this giant yearly calendar that had 3X2 inch spaces for each day of the month....and for a family with seven kids I can imagine that was an absolute necessity.  but for a family of two adults and 3 stepkids that came every other weekend it was good for lighting fires in the winter in our fireplace. 

Now, I've gradually downgraded to a calendar of my own making.  I drew it on a white board.  I used permanent marker and then each month I write the days and the activities...and there is room on the side for future upcoming dates that I transfer over when we get to that month. works for me.

Anywho...the whole point to this is that January is coming to a close...

February is going to be here soon.

And as I was getting ready to write in my February dates i realized that there is less than TWO WEEKS before I see my husband. 


Its been nearly eight months since I last looked into his beautiful baby blues and rubbed my fingers through is hair - which if you haven't seen a recent picture...he's decided to go a little Kid-n-Play with his hairdo.  I suppose its the soldier's secret way to "stick it" to the Army?  Or maybe not...John has always been a do-wop sort of if he starts wearing a single glove with his uniform THEN I might get worried he's completely transformed back to the 80's... 

I love it, personally...his hair, that is...  Oh...and just in case you weren't sure...Kid-n-Play is on the left and John is on the right.  (bwahahaha...cracking myself up again.)

We actually get to celebrate Snookum's day together on the 14th - that would be Valentine's day for all you traditional holiday name-ers out there.  We being John, me and an 8 year old and a 2 year old...  Bed time might come reeeaaaallly early that day.  **wink wink**

And then 4 days later (after we've raided all the valentine's day stuff for 90% off to make ours the best and cheapest ever...) we get to celebrate our 5-year anniversary.  I've got childcare all lined up and we're spending 3 days and 2 nights in the romantic wintery wonderland of Passau, Germany...where the Danube and the Inn and the Ilz rivers all meet. 

I really wish you could all be there with us.  (bwahahahahaha....cracked myself up there again...)

Did I mention that he's home in LESS than 2 weeks?  My little calendar and I are going to be hanging out a lot together over the next 12 days...

PS!  I almost forgot my accountability promise...and had to come back and edit to add this.  It was weigh in day yesterday.  I GAINED 1.8 pounds.  How much does that suck?  I'm demanding it be a gain in muscle because I've been doing "it" all the right ways.  Think my bod will listen?  We'll see...another week...another pound...hopefully gone instead of gained.

Click me every day for 12 days and you'll lose a pound too!  I promise!  No really...I do.  :DTop Mommy Blogs - Mom Blog Directory

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The Hannant Family said...

Yay!! I'm so happy you get to see your hubby soon. How great that you get to spend V-day together. Rose petals. That's all I'm saying. Anyway sorry about the pound, I feel your pain. It wasn't a great one for me either. Could have been all the fast food.