Friday, September 03, 2010

Three months down...

Oh my...we've done 1/4th of the required deployment...and time, it would seem, is NOT flying by as everyone promised. 

We did spend a good portion of the past 2 months travelling...and while it was wonderful to see everyone it was exhausting once we got back.  Now school is in session and I know Maddie is loving being with friends and she adores her teacher and she's done so well this first week.

I guess the slowness comes mostly at just takes forever to fall asleep and then morning comes much too soon and the day to day begins again...and it doesn't really seem like we're actually getting anywhere. 

Especially when you think in terms of doing these past 3 months THREE more times.

Ok...whinefest is can cancel the, I don't want any french cries and please don't call whine one one...  I just needed to lament and miss my husband for a minute or two...

Last week I went to the final orientation to be able to start using the free childcare that I receive as the spouse of a deployed soldier.  I went early in the day to pick up the paperwork....Bella came with me.  It was one of the few sunny days since we've been home...

They just happened to have the police and fire trucks at the daycare center so we took advantage of it.  The firemen even gave her a junior firefighter hat to wear.

She wore that hat all day long.  I loved it.

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