Sunday, September 05, 2010

Pursuit of Happyness

I have decided that Will Smith is an incredible actor.  In fact, he may be my #1 favorite male actor...he plays incredible roles and he does it incredibly well.  Tonight I watched Pursuit of Happyness.

Have you seen this movie?  This incredible inspirational heart wrenching tear jerking laugh inducing movie?

It's 1981 and a real man named Chris Garner is living in San Francisco.  His wife leaves him, his investment into bone density scanners goes kaput, he becomes homeless and his 5-year old son live on the streets, in shelters and motels while he tried to win a position as a stock broker with Dean Witter.

And then comes the end of the movie...and I cry every time.

Only, this isn't a movie...this is really some guy named Chris Garner's life.  And I think about his toddler son slept on the floor in a BART station bathroom and my heart just breaks for them.  I mean, now the guy is a multi-millionaire who actually acheived his dream...I just wonder if it really had to take such a hard path for him to make it.  And when you read Chris' real story - not the hollywood version its a little less dramatic, but still quite the story.

And so ensues a whole pile of deep thoughts by Anna...  And I may have troubled dreams and troubled sleep, but I'll be sure to kiss my little girls and thank the Lord most gratefully for what I have in my life tonight.

And I love the quote in the second video - the Chris Gardner interview - "Baby steps count too as long as you are moving forward."

I was just a little emotional after watching the show tonight....can you tell?

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