Thursday, September 16, 2010

First game of the season

I signed Maddie up for soccer this fall.  She wanted to cheer and I said no.  Mostly because I want her running off all that excess energy that she seems to have in plentiful form.  I promised her she could cheer during her junior high/high school years if she wanted, but she's just too good of an athlete to not play sports right now.

So....practices started a few weeks ago.  And her team's first game was tonight.

We went with our friend KJ...

Maddie has been playing goalie -

Her coach, however, let her play offense for part of the game too.  She did really well in both positions!

Unfortunately, the Vilseck Falcons lost the game - 2 to 1.  And they scored their second goal with just minutes left on the game and Maddie was the goalie.  She burst into tears when they coach called the game over whistle.  She really wanted her team to score a second goal.

The cute little 8-9 y/o cheer team came to cheer on the Falcons!  At the end of the game they ran through the cheer tunnel.  Maddie slipped and took one of them out.  ha ha ha...thats my girl!


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