Sunday, September 12, 2010

Drama Queen

I have a drama queen that occasionally lives in my house.  She has decided that life will go HER WAY.  She wants high heels and makeup.  She thinks she should be allowed to do what she wants.  She knows EVERYTHING and I know nothing.  She eats what she wants when she wants...even if its sugary and reserved for lunch treats or desserts.  She has an excuse for everything...and tells tall tales when she needs to.  She does NOT have to listen to anything anyone says.  She WILL stay home and watch movies if she feels like it.  She does not have to participate in our family by helping out with chores or being kind to her family members.  She has a sassy attitude and likes to show how unfair life is with kicking, screaming, hitting temper tantrums.

My little drama queen spent the last 4 days writing lines. 

"I will change my behavior by not lying, cheating, stealing or throwing temper tantrums."

And every time she threw a fit she got an additional 20 lines added.

My little drama queen wrote over 400 lines this weekend.


Today I had a sweet darling little 8 year old in my house.  She was polite and respectful.  She was helpful and kind to her sister.  She was obedient and followed direction and asked questions if she didn't understand.  She smiled and laughed and enjoyed fun conversations like, "Tonight, I'm going to dream about daddy on a horse jumping over a cake and falling in and being covered with frosting."  She sang and danced with her sister to their favorite VBS song..."Can you feel the joy does it make you want to jump jump jump....does it make you want to move move move....put your hands to the roof roof roof.  You've got to know that God is always on your side.  When you're feeling down, look around and just enjoy the riiiiide."   She helped out with meals, and cleaning up chores after dinner.  She took a shower and smiled and sang through the whole thing and even blow dryed her hair without anyone having to remind her 10 times.

She had a lovely lovely day.

Attention!  The drama queen has left the building!


Jody said...

Nice. Writing sentences totally works. We did that with Jacob last year and he hasn't had to do it again. But I'm thinking if he keeps having a fit about putting his games away we'll be doing it again. Thanks for the reminder. said...

Testing... 1...2....3... She will get better and better as she remembers that you are not her mother or grandmother, and that those behaviors don't work with you. Big hugs for your love and dedication. I've said it before... you are my hero