Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Did I mention it was my birthday last week?

Yeah...I totally turned the ripe old age of 37 last week.  Seriously?  How did I get into my late 30's so quickly?

These are my favorite shots of my birthday activities...

Seriously - can you day start out any better than this?  Do you think she's in pain?

After I got all dolled up for the day...

Jenny cooking me delicious shrimp for dinner...

Her pretty table setting with flowers and a gift...(there was a delicious smelling candle inside that bag!)

Maddie's one and only gift...she made the wrapping paper herself..used an entire scotch tape roll on it...inside I found a stuffed bunny, a baby doll, and her very precious ceramic art piece she made in school last year.  I use it on my nightstand to hold my earrings and rings.  What a great birthday!

And the card was AWESOME.

And I got an icecream cake for my birthday cake.  It was YUMMY.

Three of my favorite birthday celebrating people were there with me. 

And then I blew the candles out and got my wish later that night when John called me for my birthday.  YES!


Miss Debbie said...

37? I remember 27~ I am so glad you had a great day!! love you!

boomerkae said...

Really? 37? No way...You look mahhhvaleous. And, Jonathan has the same doggie jammies as Bella. :)