Friday, August 13, 2010

Today we celebrate...

Isabella's TWENTY FIRST month birthday.  holy cow...she's almost TWO!

Mom and Marlowe's FOURTEENTH wedding anniversary.  Woohoo!  Poor Marlowe...I'll bet he never dreamed that when he met and married MaryAnne his days might be spent wearing garlands of fruitloops. 

and...last but not is my mother's 36th birthday...or so she claims (but methinks her dyslexic)....of course that would make her the same age as me....actually, 10 days from now I would be a year OLDER than she is. 

Sometimes ya just gotta toot your own horn.

I had a chance to spend some one-on-one time with mom before the rest of the family showed up for our big was really nice to sit on that porch swing in the morning and chitchat about nothing...or just watch the sunrise.

She even tried to fly with the tent as a parachute.  (Its really no wonder I've turned out how I've turned out.)

Happy birthday Ma.  Love you.

And in your honor here is the series of shots from the family reunion waterslide.  They just get better every year you venture down that slide.  I love your sense of adventure!

Here she goes!

And just in case you can't really see the expression I had to blow it up...

And she hits the pool of water at the bottom...

And then her stinker of a son starts to soak her with the hoses...  See mom...I do love you best.  :D

And she survived....with all the MA charm that we know and love.

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DeDe said...

LOVE this one, Anna! Oh how I miss your Ma :( and sisters....and brother...and YOU! xoxo