Monday, August 16, 2010

Wedding Called Off.

My cousin had a wedding planned in my mother's backyard for the Saturday before our family reunion was to happen.  My mother had worked and slaved and worked and slaved and get the yard to its most beautiful state of pristine weddingness when the wedding was called off.

Not that big of a deal.  Well, I'm sure it was a HUGE deal to my cousin who expected to marry the girl of his dreams that day...but then again...just putting in my $0.02 - I'm glad she called it off instead of marrying him and being unhappy about it...then they have 2.5 kids and end up divorced.  Ugh...what a nightmare.

BUT...the real story here that I want to tell is that while my aunt sent out cancellation notices to all the guests on their side, the bride's family never sent out a cancellation notice and instead just expected the word to get passed around...(insert TACKY emoticon here...)  So, at 3PM on the day of the cancelled shindig we get our first carload of people all dressed up for a wedding and reception. 


This lady did about 4 drivebys before she finally stopped and asked if this was the right address...when mom told her the wedding was off...she responded..."I figured...I mean you've all got your laundry hanging up." 

HA HA HA...  We'd strung clotheslines in the carport for swimming suits and towels.

The second carload didn't even hesitate...they immediately said, "The weddings off, right?"

So, we put up a sign and hightailed it to my sisters for the rest of the afternoon and evening to make sure that we didn't have to break the news to anyone else.

My favorite part of this is when my mom called my aunt.  Aunt asks, "What are you doing?  Letting the carloads of people who are showing up for the wedding know that its cancelled?" 

Of course she was just JOKING...

I wish I could have seen her face when my mother said, "Well, actually..."

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marty said...

I just accepted your invitation to see your private blog and up pops the "wedding called off" post. Of course, being the "aunt" involved I had to read on....What a nightmare this entire "Bobby/Amy" saga has been. He is heartbroken, but we are all slapping him around to see the light. In fact today he headed to Hawaii for his honeymoon with a bunch of his guy friends for 10 days!! Hopefully, this will be enough time for him to see the light. xoxoLove you and yours, Our prayers are with you all, xoxoAunt Marty