Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Somebody loves Chocolate

I made sugar free jello chocolate pudding for dessert last night. After squash and cereal for dinner I dipped the end of my spoon in the pudding and let Bella taste it. Her reaction was so great we had to get it on video.


Roxy said...

She is sooooo cute. Your mom made a chocolate dessert while I was there last week - omg - Bella would freak!!! It was the richest, bestest chocolate I have ever had!!

Cothran Family said...

That is so cute Anna! She has grown up so much! What a doll baby. Give her big chocolatey kisses from her auntie. Love you Bella!

The Hansen Family said...

Oh she is sweet! I would give her chocolate ALL DAY LONG! What? You want a million dollars? Yes Bella, you may have that too:)