Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Boy Time

We enrolled Eric into the three-day Boy Scout space camp this past week. They made rockets, learned about planets and earned a patch. Even though Eric isn’t a boy scout we thought this might peak his interest and we were right! He made a bunch of new friends, learned a space cheer and got to carry their rocket to the launch pad. One of the nights was supposed to be a campout, but all the other scouting families wimped out. Eric and his dad were the ONLY two scouting campers…they decided rain or shine that they were going to rough it.

The boys were originally going to hike to their campsite with their packs on their backs…

...then John got a feel for how much stuff he actually packed. Can you see that giant pack on his back (check out the reflection in the window…) We girls ended up driving them to their campsite and leaving them to the swarms of mosquitoes while we enjoyed girl time and chick flicks at home.

The next day we went to the last hour of scout camp to watch the rockets launch and to cheer on Eric for doing such a great job.

The Weblos

Eric carried their troop flag

This picture just says so much.

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