Wednesday, July 08, 2009


We bought a GPS for our car…Aiya…expensive, but we decided it was a necessity since we spent so much time trying to navigate these back country roads. And while I’m known for my vast amounts of patience (ha ha ha) John and I thought a GPS would help with the “turn this way at the last minute” type of driving. Besides…John gets carsick and my navigation techniques were causing us to have to drive at the snails pace to keep his stomach from getting sick. (Notice that I accepted responsibility for some of this and I’m not blaming it on the lack of German roadsigns, which if I were to step on my soapbox is the one thing I’d say is something they are terribly inefficient at.) We now have friendly “jane who speaks American English” as our navigator. She and John’s stomach seem to get along so much better.

We used our GPS yesterday to find Pottenstein. We’d heard about Pottenstein and decided that it was worth a trip…we were not disappointed. It’s a beautiful city. It’s only about 40 minutes from us and boasts a beautiful city center, devil’s cave, a tram that goes up the mountain, a castle called the Burg, a kangaroo farm and lots of other things.

When we arrived we spent the first two hours just traipsing around the city looking at its beautiful architecture and statues and fountains and wandering through stores.

When we were done with the city center we went up the mountain to see the burg. Unfortunately, neither John nor I can speak German well enough so what we thought meant, “You can go in and see the Burg” actually said, “No admittance because people live here.” Bummer. Once again…we were foiled in our attempts to get into a castle. We did admire it from the outside and from afar.

So, we headed out to the Kangaroo farm. Imagine our surprise when we got there and instead of a kangaroo farm we found two wallabys in a small field. John and I just looked at each other and laughed. I think we’ll scrutinize this tourism information a little more…at the very least we won’t take it at face value. The wallaby was cute, though.

We still had a great time. And we’re going back to see devil’s cave and to ride the tram up the mountain too.

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Cothran Family said...

I LOVE that last picture! That's a framer for sure.