Friday, July 31, 2009

Mein auto ist kaput

We woke up at 4AM to get Eric and Lexi to Frankfurt in time for their 9:55AM flight. Mr. C drove them 3 hours to Frankfurt...spent a couple of hours getting them on the plane (which went all good and fine...if a little stressful) and then turned around and drove 3 hours back.

Its been a long day already.

About 5 minutes from home, John ran out of in touch the peddle and car goes rurrr rurrr rurrr putt putt putt...he pulled into a little getrankt market and called me from his cell phone.

What an awful way to finish up that little experience.

So...long story short, he went a little ways down the road to a farmhouse...a little German girl pulling weeds...her dad was working on his tractor.

Sprechensie English? (Do you speak English?)

Un leeetle.

So in German John explained his car was out of gas...I believe he used the word, kaput. Without hesitation the guy gave John a gas can with a liter or two in it...wouldn't accept any Euro payment or anything.

I love nice people.

Thank you Mr. German Farmer.

Bye bye Lexi and Eric...we'll miss you! :(


The Hansen Family said...

Ah, the world would be a wonderful place if we were all like that little German farmer! Glad it worked out ok though:)

Cothran Family said...

Maybe we can get Alana to Germany and she can learn to pull weeds from that little girl :) I bet you are sad to see the kiddos go. Love ya sis