Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Travel Log

I think in my last post I got as far as getting to mom's was a good final evening...we set off some fireworks that we bought in Idaho...

Did you know fireworks are virtually illegal in Arizona? All they have in the stores here are poppers. Ugh...I LOVE fireworks...I did hear that they do a spectacular show on the 4th as a city so I guess I have that to look forward to...Ok...small detour...back on subject...Fireworks....oh and thats Aaron doing the amazing jump through the sparks. Hysterical.

After leaving Mom's we went to Zion Canyon and stayed the night there. We took a trip up the canyon and snapped some incredible photos.

From Zion's we spent two days in Las Vegas....woohooo...Vegas baby. I was supposed to meet up with an old friend, but it never happened. I was pretty bummed....lines got crossed and communication never happened, but I did get to see an amazing Cirque du Soleil show...Ka. Go see it if you get the chance.

We didn't spend much time outside in was averaging about 110 degrees and neither John or I could hack it. We did sit and play the slot machines for about 20 minutes. I think we lost a total of $10. HA! Looks like we're not really high rollin' Vegas people.

**Vegas pics coming soon**

From Vegas we went to Sedona, AZ. It was BEAUTIFUL. I have always loved Sedona. It has doubled in size since the last time I was there. It kind of spoiled the pristine beauty that I remembered to see a sprawling city of 16,000 instead of the tiny town of 3-4,000 that I many new houses and buildings...but it didn't change the beautiful scenery.

Is it just me or is my belly getting sooooo big?!

And finally....from Sedona we went all the way to Sierra Vista...arrived last night and I'm absolutely exhausted. E-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d.

The hottest it got on the trip here was 117 degrees. That was just after Phoenix.
So far Sierra Vista has been a tolerable 90+. How am I ever going to survive this heat?

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