Sunday, July 20, 2008

There is no place like home....

One week after getting to Sierra Vista I turned around and had to fly back to Portland for work. I drove to Bend for 2 days, then drove to Medford for 2 days and then back to Portland to fly out by Friday evening. It was a whirlwind trip. I really didn't get to see anything or anybody except my in-laws. We had a nice little visit over the lunch hour.

It was strange being so excited to get back to Tucson and Sierra Vista. Having only been there a week I wondered if I would miss Portland so much that I just wouldn't be able to stand leaving again, but while there I realized a couple of things.

1. Home is where your hubby is... I missed Mr. C terribly that week. I really love having him around...even with all those corny jokes he tells and to only get a few minutes here and there on the phone was not satisfying at all. It makes me think that when (not if, but when) he has to deploy I will be a very very sad girl.

2. Its strange to knock on the door of your own house. I had to stop by to pick up mail from our Portland house...I knocked on the door and as strange as it may seem having only been gone from there a few weeks - it didn't really feel like my house anymore!!!

3. Traffic is my new nemesis. In one week I got used to Sierra Vista - 10 minutes to anywhere. I got to Beaverton and everything took me 10 minutes longer than expected. When I left my inlaws to get to the was just before 3pm. Hwy 26 was a nightmare as usual...but I made pretty good time taking some back road shortcuts and was on 405 by about 3:15. Where 405 turns into I-84...I didn't get about about 12 miles per hour the entire way to the airport. And let me tell you how stressed out I was. My plan left at 5:45 and I got to the rental car return at 4:50. YIKES...Portland airport on a Friday!!! I thought I'd miss my flight for sure because of the crowds of people....lets just say that someone was watching out for me. I have never seen it so uncrowded. I had my tickets, got through security AND was at my gate by 5:10. WOW.

So, after all much as I love Portland I have a new home now. It feels nice to be back. :)

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Anonymous said...

That is *totally* unfair! Last summer, I tried to fly out of Seattle and I got there TWO HOURS EARLY, and I still did not make my flight because it took me 3 hours just to check my baggage! So who is YOUR patron saint of travel???