Tuesday, July 15, 2008

All moved in.

Well, we've done it. We're finally actually and truly established in Sierra Vista, AZ...with a house and an address and the whole works.

Our little house is a rental. Its in a cute little gated community that we thought was a 55+ community at first because of all the "older" folks that we saw there...but it turns out thats not right...there are a few younger couples that live in the development. Anyhow...the reason I mention that is there is a community pool and I LOVE the fact that NOBODY and I mean really - nobody gets in the pool except John and I...its like having our own little water play ground.

So, first about the house then about the weather...the house is cute...1500 SF/3bedroom/2bath. We got our household goods last Thursday so as you can imagine (since its only Monday) we're not quite fully settled. We did get the bulk of the living room, kitchen and master bedroom done over the weekend. Phew...what a lot of work! Address to come soon along with photos of the house...but give me a little more time to unpack!

The weather in SV is intense right now. Its monsoon season so we get a daily thunder and lighting storm. I love it...absolutely love it. It floods the streets and puddles on the porches and within 2 hours its all gone and its as if the rains never actually came!
An incredible red-sky sunset just before a storm

The storm!

Today, Mr. C started his course. It was intense morning...they all met at Denny's for breakfast...had a little chitchat and he spent the afternoon golfing with two new friends... I'm going to suggest that to my boss for our next meeting....either that or I need to join the Army.

Of course he starts tomorrow with 6AM PT...situps, pushups, running. Muwahahaha...and I shall be sleeping through it.

Unfortunately, I can rub it in too much. I ended up having to fly back to PDX this week. I'm in Bend, OR right now and then heading to Medford to train a couple of new hires for this program. Its going to be a LONG week for me. I'm at 20-weeks right now for this pregnancy. Half-way mark as of TODAY! Woohoo!

I feel good...pretty tired lately, but that may be more because of the sunshine, unpacking, travelling etc. more than the actual pregnancy thing. Who knows. All I know is my baby bump is expanding daily and getting more and more insistent about being noticed. I love it. :)

Ok...speaking of tired...at 11PM...I'm signing off.

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LaDonnaMobile said...

Whew--reading YOUR blog is making ME tired! When I'm pregnant, I use the pregnancy as an excuse to cancel any plans that might be too big. Things like moving, packing, unpacking, jet-setting about the U.S., meetings . . . but you're like the Energizer Bunny! Still going . . .