Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Commissary Shopping

I just had my first commissary shopping experience...this is the grocery store on the base that you can only use with military ID. So, after dropping John off at 7:30 I ran to the store only to find that its not supposed to open until 9AM, but they let disabled people in early.

I went shopping.

Here is my rational...I have to go on disability when this baby is born therefore I can consider myself as disabled while pregnant...right?

Anyhow...I looked around and really...didn't see very many "visibly" disabled persons running around with a shopping cart. So I thought I'd be safe...whats the worst they can do...sick the MPs on me.

Wouldn't that be hilarious? John has to bail me out for pretending to be disabled at the commissary?

I filled up that cart with SO MUCH GOOD FOOD! Which was desperately needed as we've been eating food as we unpack it...a can of black beans here...a package of top ramen there. Now I've got veggies and high fiber bread (yummmy!) and tillamook cheese cuz I'm an Oregon cheese snob and mmmmmmmm....I can' hardly wait until lunch.

Here is the other thing I learned about the commissary. They don't pay their baggers. They work for tips only. Who would have known...so because I left with about 12 bags of food and this poor little Korean woman carted everthing around for me and loaded it all in the car I tipped a $5...hoping that would be enough.

Her response, "Ohhhhhh thankyou. $5 dolla make everybody happy happy happy."

I guess I did good.


Emma said...

This is one of the funniest posts I've ever read. I am laughing so hard right now! I can't believe you pretended to be disabled! I'm happy for the korean lady's sake though. You did good Anna.

T said...

Wow- you are in and settled! What a small world- one of the first design jobs I did when I moved here was gov't housing in a huge base called Ft. Huachuacha. Since then, we have done many more bases around the west coast. Never been to AZ, but would love to stop in for a visit (when the kids will go longer than 10 minutes in the car saying 'are we there yet')

Rachel said...

Yes, I should've told you about the tip thing. I stopped going to the commissary in FL because I never had cash on me, oh I always felt so bad. $2-3 is I guess the norm, so yeah $5 would make her day. I need to get back in the habit of carrying cash though because I'm not going to be shopping anywhere else in Japan. Hey, how about the tax free thing?