Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My first post of 2012

I can't believe its my first post of 2012 and its already February 15th.  I. am. a. slacker.  There I said it.  I admitted it.  And now its time for me to just move on.

I've been doing that a lot over the past 45 days or so...moving on...that is.  Its been a really LOOOOONG year already.  The good news is that I can see lots to look forward to and that makes my heart happy.

And so does the munchkin.  And so does this little growing in my belly baby.  Who, by the way, is such a mover and shaker that the docs still can't get a good picture of him/her...and while they think its a him...they won't confirm because (s)he won't stop doing flips for every ultrasound.

That being said.  I go in on the 21st for a "high risk ultrasound" which is one of those fancy 4D ultrasounds that gives you a real picture of the little bean with fat little cheeks and all.  They want me to have one to make sure that the organs are all growing properly...and because I'm old (anyone over 35 = old when pregnant.) and because I have gestational diabetes AGAIN...they want to make sure there are no complications that they haven't identified.

Aaaand....last but not least...we are finally getting snow here.  I am not happy about it.  It should have been here in December and be leaving by February.  Sheesh.  Instead its nowhere in December...paltry amounts in January and now its finally snowing.  At least we'll be able to create a snowman out of our snowblob we currently have displayed in the front  yard. 

So there is our update.  I'm bound and determined to be more bloggy from now on...its a New Year's Resolution.  (wink)

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Jenny Tonks, MA, AG ( said...

oooh--I always wanted to get one of those 4D ultrasounds. How did it go?