Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

Yes, I'm incredibly late in this post, but they DO say better late than never.  And I'm never a no show...just usually late.  I blame my father for that character trait since my mother has a cardinal rule that if you aren't 5 minutes early you are late.  I can admit right now that I am rarely 5 minutes early.

Anywho...for New Years we had our best friends here in Vilseck who also just happen to be our neighbors come over with their daughter...who also happens to be Bella's best friend.  And then of course our family "unit" which is how our neighbors describe us because we always have our friend Christina with us.  She's a single soldier that we adore...

So...we all had a great time on New Years.  Playing games, setting off some simple fireworks and waving around sparklers, grooving to Just Dance on the Wii. was a partay!

The girl's celebrated New Years at 9PM GMT+1.  We adults celebrated all the way until Midnight.  Party animals we are! 


The whole group minus John who was taking the photo.

My virgin Pina Colada.  It was delish!

Alyssa's "midnight" toast

Bella's "midnight" toast!

Christina and Kim's "midnight" toast.  :)

Just Dance on the Wii DANCE PARTY!  Woohoo!

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