Sunday, February 26, 2012

Be Mine, Valentine?

Valentine's Day this year was kind of strange...we weren't sure how much celebrating we were going to do...we planned a night out...changed it to a night in...changed it to nothing...then back to a night in...

Either way...we wanted to celebrate with Bella and then I got the great idea to google great Valentine Day ideas and found an awesome one on the Dating Diva site...

So...first, before we get to all the mushy stuff....

Bella created a "heart attack" for her daddy's office.  She designed all these hearts with crayons, glue and stickers...aren't they cute?!

 and wrote him a sign that says, "Daddy, Be my Valentine <3 Bella"

and left him some hot tamales...

I got someone from John's office to meet me there the evening before to put it all up so he would be surprised in the morning...he was really surprised. 

For storytime I had the kids make "kissing bandit" signs with little black bandit masks.  Bella took one of her kissing bandit "kisses" to Miss Christina for Valentine's was super cute.

For Bella, Daddy gave her a sweet little card with Ballerina's on it and peeps.  She was totally strung out on sugar that day! 

And yes, she has no shirt on.  Why have clothes on when you don't have to?  Thats kind of the motto in our house. 

I made her a big card with hearts and give her a new set of markers.  She is such an arsty little girl...I knew she would love them and I was right!

I also got sweet cards from both Bella and John...then it was my turn for John...

The Dating Divas site gave me the great idea to do a "day long" Valentine's day project.  So, during the day John got one of his "5 senses" gifts that I planned out...

First thing after his PT in the morning he found this in the bathroom...Its for "shower time love notes" that we can leave back and forth to each other.  We quickly discovered that the writing on the mirror melts and runs when the steam from the shower hits it...but it was a sweet idea while it lasted.  ha ha ha.

Then, when he was done getting ready and headed out the door to work he found this in the car.  I had queued the CD player to start the song we consider "our song"...its "Better Together" by Jack Johnson.

When he got home these were on his nightstand...he loves the taste of orange dreamsicles...I thought he might like the smell of it too. 

After dinner I had these yummy chocolate covered strawberries ready and waiting...the things in the middle are my "nailed it" know...the ones where you look in the photo and its an awesome looking this case, Marshmallows dipped in chocolate and then in red hots...but in reality they come out looking like blobs with another blob on top?  Yeah...I totally nailed these!  ha ha didn't change how yummy they were.  :)

And last, but not after dinner - pre-bed foot rub to relax.

Overall, I think it went off well...not too mushy and sentimental.  No high romance pressure for either of us...low budget and fun for me to create and make happen. 

Perfect Valentine's Day.


Miss Debbie said...

Awesome! You are sooo creative!

Christy said...

Love you, my dear friend, Anna, and I'm so in awe of you! Who you are, and all that you do. Such a beautiful, loving, generous soul.

As for Ms. Bella, the "heart attacks" are sooo cute - my nieces have been doing that for my sis/bil for years. But the "kissing bandit" is a new one for me and I love it! Such wonderful fun and loving things to instill in your sweet little girl.