Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Fasching Party

Ever heard of Mardi Gras?  Germany has their version of the Carnival season and its called Fasching...other than Oktoberfest its the one time of year I've seen the German people really let loose and get a little crazy.

This year Fasching starts on the 11th day of  January 11minutes after 11am and ends at the stroke of midnight on Shroud Tuesday - often referred to as Fat Tuesday (the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday).  Our little church playgroup had a Fasching party for the kids that we took Bella to.  And the general rule for all Fasching events is

1.  Dress up.  And to us that meant we had a little Dalmation puppy dog.

2.  Have fun with your friends.

3.  Eat lots of food. 

4.  Twirl around like a crazy kid whenever you feel like it.  (might have been the 4 chocolate covered marshmallows she ate...)

5.  Play with balloons to your heart's content.

6.  Play games like blow the feather with a straw...

7.  Let your dad wrap you up in toilet paper like a mummy.

8.  Then dance with him like crazy in all the toilet paper left on the ground...

9.  Insist all family photos include you upside down.

Thank goodness it only comes once per year. 


Jenny Tonks, MA, AG ( said...

How fun! That last pic of you all together is sooooo cute! :)

Christy said...

SO cute! You look fabulous, by the way!!