Thursday, February 24, 2011

Luffy duffy and all that stuffy...

Once per year comes the magical day of lovers everywhere.  Except in Virginia...which is magical for 365 days of the year because Virginia is for lovers.  My sister that lives there is soooo lucky.  **wink wink**

Anywho...the day I'm talking about is better known as Valentine's Day.  Its a holiday that has kind of a bad rap.  I think mostly because people who don't have someone to share it with don't particularly like the day.  I know I thought it was a farce when I was single and unattached.  And guess what.  Its STILL not my favorite holiday...but it IS a good excuse to eat chocolate.

(see...I don't even get dressed up for Valentine's day.  But I DID show some cleavage.  ha ha ha)

Or if not chocolate...why not eat greek food? 

(Which we may have decided on purely for the reason that John wanted some Ouzo.)

Yep...that is what our lovey dovey family did that night.  We piled the girls into the car and headed out to a Greek restaurant in the thriving metropolis of downtown Vilseck.  Bwahahahaha....that was a big joke.  Vilseck doesn't even have a stoplight. 

Regardless...the greek food is good and so we went to eat some...and gave the girls the loot.  Yes, loot.  Holy cow...we got a box from Maddie's Grandma on her mom's side that was stuffed full of presents and Valentine's day loot.  PLUS we got a package from my sister that had the cutest little ruffle purses for the I put together cute little loot bags for them and let them go for it...

As you can see...they were very happy with all the great things they got and then decided to do a fashion show for the restaurant.  And I say that because I think the Germans who don't really celebrate Valentine's Day were really amazed at all the STUFF those girls got for what they probably consider a fairly insignificant holiday.  Looking back...I can imagine we fulfilled all of the "overindulgent American" stereotypes that night...

And then when we got home I told John he better get in the kitchen and do the dishes.

You thought I was joking...didn't you?  Ha ha ha ha ha ha

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