Tuesday, February 01, 2011

-7.5 °C

I went for a walk this morning with Bella in -7.5 °C...  We looked like the stay puff marshmellow men only in fun frolicky colors of green and pink.  I just had cabin fever and figured I'd rather chance frost bite than sit in the house any longer.  So into the stroller in full cold weather gear and with her best stuffy - mr. puppy - in hand I opened the front door and my eyes instantly froze open. 

Toddlers must be more resilient.  She sang ABC, My dad is in the Army, Feist's Sesame Street song about 1,2,3,4, Twinkle Twinkle little star AND I'm bringing home a baby bumblebee the entire time we walked.

We went on a good 2 mile walk BEFORE storytime which I have to be at the library to set up for at 9:30AM...and when we got to the library our favorite librarians tsked us and asked me what I was thinking going out in ...

...-7.5 °C

And for all us Americans who want to do it our own way instead of using the same system as the rest of the world  need a little extra assistance...I'll help you out with the conversion if you can't figure out farenheit to celsius off the tops of your head.

That would be 19 degrees farenheit.


And I'm just teasing ya'll.  I can't figure out the conversion either....thats what Google is for.  :D

So - I also googled Celsius thinking maybe there is a good story about what it means or where it comes from...

There isn't.  But if you are reading this right before bedtime I suggest you go to Wikipedia and search for the "father of Celsius" whose name is Anders Celsius the Swedish Astronomer and you'll be asleep before the second paragraph.

In the meantime.  I wish it would warm up.

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kajr said...

Sometimes you just have to get out and breathe fresh air. It was eleven below farenheit today. I threw on a couple of layers and stood outside and breathed. Some of the best moments of the day!