Friday, February 04, 2011

In all my spare time...

Well, since I don't have enough to do now I decided that I better add more work to my plate. 

I have started a new blog...It's kind of an activist know...the kind where people get all fired up and want to hurl you through a window?  Well, maybe not that bad, but its a father's rights blog.  It's geared toward men who are actively pursuing a place in their child(ren)'s life and are being stopped either by the family courts or by their ex-wife or both. 

Hot topic, eh? 

First, I need to say that I know a lot of single moms with custody of their children.  This is not meant to be anti-mom nor is it anti-mom having custody.  What it is supposed to do is raise awareness at how unfair the division of time is between custodial parents and non-custodial parents when the non-custodial parent is an active positive influence in the child's life.

Those are the key words there... I get all fired up when I hear about custodial mothers who use their children as pawns to force their exes to do their bidding...holding them as leverage to get what they want.  And, unfortunately, in more cases than not, the family courts uphold this manipulation. 

And, I hope it helps dads with the guilt and anxiety and sadness that comes with being a non-custodial parent.

So, if you want to take a peek you can find this new blog at

Thank you...this soapbox is now closed.


The Days of your Life said...

You go girl! I can't wait to read the comments on that blog!

The Days of your Life said...
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The Hannant Family said...

You truly amaze me Anna. I hope that you find success in your plight. I agree that too many dad's are overlooked just because they are a dad. I have a friend here who is going thru the same thing that you and John went thru.

Now we know what that English degree is for. Good on ya mate.