Thursday, February 10, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well...all that anticipation and now its finally here.

Bella ran toward him then turned around and ran to me. I picked her up and went toward John...she was pretty shy the first few minutes. Unsure of what to do with this guy and his funny hair...but she quickly warmed up to him.

I, of course had to get in my kisses too.

He slept most of that first day.  It had something to do with that up for 56 hours thing.

I call our second day the "adjustment day..."  Where we worked out expectations and planned some of his RnR time.

We also went to the PX... He's been showing off his muscles all day.

Not to be outdone by her dad...Actually...this little girl has been shadowing him in every sense of the word.  What dad does...she does.

Bella, of course...our "brilliant child."  Love her.

Maddie brought home some cooties from school the week before an unfortunately they are making the rounds...So, she was sick when he arrived...Bella caught it on day 2 and I caught it on day 3. So far he's been spared the snotty nosed chest coughing...but seriously...of all the stinky luck - we manage to not get sick for 8 full months and then on the 2 weeks that he's here we get this..

Baaaaah! I was telling some friends...I'm happy to pick up his dirty socks and hang up his towels and clean up around him.  I've just missed having him around.  Its been wonderful to hear his voice...listen to him sleeping next to the girls climb all over him begging for the tickle game.

Nothing like having daddy home.


TheMuffinMom said...

Oh, that video was just so precious! Congrats on the return of Daddy/Husband, and a big fat BOO on those nasty germs! I hope you heal soon!

Lisa said...

Oh that video put tears in my eyes! Enjoy your time!

Lisa said...

You look gorgeous in the picture, by the way! I'm sure John was like "WOW!"

The Days of your Life said...

Sniff! Sniff! Sob! What a great video! I am so glad you are able to see him, even if you are sick. Big hugs to our uncle John and kisses to all! We love you guys!

Christy said...

Precious! And that video is priceless. And your hubby is one strong bodied soldier! A roughly 50lb. girl launches herself at him full-throttle and he just keeps coming (anxious to get to you, no doubt, Anna! :), unfazed even with with those obviously heavy bags he's carrying. No wonder he's been showin' off his muscles since he got home. Maddie, meet "Daddy Tank!" :) Maddie's cries of "Daddy! Daaaaddddie!" were heart-rending.

Cothran Family said...

What a great video! Made me cry! I'm so glad you get him home for awhile. Enjoy it :) Love you sis

Miss Debbie said...

*sniff* *sob*- I loved seeing that reunion, and hearing 'Daddy!!'