Thursday, February 03, 2011

The anticipation...

All I seem to feel these days is stess.  See...I can't even spell the word.  What I meant was S.T.R.E.S.S.

My stomach is churning which has been good for my weight loss.  My temper is short and fiery and I don't even have red hair these days to blame it on.  I've turned it into a luscious dark brown.  I want to bite my nails, but I just got them manicured and they actually look really good.  I've taken 5 trips to our thrift store...I've gotten rid of so much stuff I don't even know what I tossed.  Thats probably a good thing, but I keep wondering if I should have done a little more selective tossing...

See..  S.T.R.E.S.S.

And its because John is coming home.  He's supposed to be coming this weekend. 

Imagine what its like to not see someone for 8 months (Today is our 8 months done anniversary) and then to have them walk through that customs checkpoint at our little Nurnberg airport. 

Do I throw myself at him?
Do I stand back and let the girls run for him while I film it all?
Do I film and wait for him to get to me?
What should I wear?
Hair up or down?
Lipstick or lipgloss?
Hoop earrings or pearls?
Perfume or is that too overwhelming?

I'm a nervous wreck.  Its crazy.  I've been married to the man for nearly 5 years and I'm acting like its the first time I've seen 8 months. 

Ho ho ho...hee hee hee...ha ha ha. my sad attempt at humor is even falling flat.  I have the anticipation of seeing him oozing out of me...and yet at the same time the anticipation of seeing him is causing me great amounts of anxiety too.

But I still want him to come home.  Oh please, John..hurry home.


The Hannant Family said...

I will answer you questions with this.... He won't care what you wear. You could go in sweats and no make up and he will think you are the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. I do suggest clothing, until later of course. :) Don't worry about it. Just be you and I'm pretty sure you'll figure out what to do when you see him.

I will suggest waterproof mascara. Just saying. Love you and I'm so happy you get to see him.

TheMuffinMom said...

This is SO exciting! I love seeing how giddy with anticipation you are! I agree with Hannat Family on the clothing bit; clothes aren't an issue because he loves you no matter what you wear. But I do say film the girls going to him and let him come to you. Guys really dig the chase! :)

Miss Debbie said...

Lip gloss, hoop earrings and Stilletos is all you need.... ha! Film it and let the girls run and hug him, then you get him all to yourself. Do you think he is stressed and twitterpated too? Have a great time!