Thursday, June 04, 2009


Here I sit in my new "office" of sorts and yesterday we finally managed to get reconnected online through TKS. I'm very happy to finally be back on a computer that is bigger than my blackberry and to have access to my favorite places like my blog. I'm going to need it over the next few months! Its my secret place...even though that secret place is wide open for the whole world...I still need it as my dumping ground of thoughts...

That being said...John leaves tomorrow night on a train to Frankfurt to head back to Portland for Lexi's graduation on Monday and to pick up Eric and Maddie for their summer visit...well, Eric's summer visit anyhow. Madeline, as you all know by now is going to be staying with us through the school year.

I'm feeling very unsettled right now...I think its a combination of finally getting our household goods last Friday and not having a view of anything other than jumbled piles of "STUFF" that makes me think, "What in the h...e...doublehockeysticks was I thinking I needed this junkola packed up and shipped overseas not to receive it for two months...what did I need it for?" I suppose in a month or so I'll be supremely glad I packed it all up to take with me, but for now I just wish it would all be set on fire and turn to ashes.

That plus the kids coming always seems to give me a bit of stress. Usually because its accompanied by major drama from Cruella. While I'm glad in a way that I don't have to be in Portland to witness the "goodybye maddie" drama, I do know I'll have a HUGE change in lifestyle once she is here and I think I'm a little stressed as I contemplate the massive change having a seven year old full time will bring....let me rephrase that...having a seven year old MADDIE full time...because there is a difference between any old seven year old and madeline.

I love that little girl and I'm so glad Bella will have a big sister why am I feeling so crazy? Maybe its the water...or lack thereof. Anyone who knows me also knows that I need vast amounts of agua fria or I get quite grumpy and I do admit that I've slacked off these past couple of days. I'm blaming it all on that...gotta go unpack some boxes now...ta ta...

Its good to be back.

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Miss Debbie said...

Anna -you are under HEAPS of stuff right now, both literally and figuratively. I am hoping that Maddie will be a blessing in disguise for you - and a big help -in the same way you all will be the best thing that will have happened in her young life. I will be praying for you.... all of you. Think good thoughts... and know you are loved!