Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Off the first medication...

We had our first appointment with madmad's new doctor here...Dr. K is a child psychologist. He agrees with us...we should take her off the medications to see if environment will be the key to her behavior issues.


He gave us a huge vote of confidence. After meeting alone with her he said, "Well, she's definitely in the right place." It was good to hear that.

She is currently on two different medications. The first is to help her concentrate and the second is to help her aggression. We have now officially taken her off the first medication. Its been 24 hours and according to Dr. K that is how long it takes to leave the system...so Maddie is now medication 1 free!

So far its been interesting...I haven't seen anything in her behavior that she wouldn't normally do... she's actually a little somber and sullen today.

Medication 2 will be done in a couple of weeks. Dr. K wants to see how she does without medication 1 first.

Keep your fingers crossed...ultimately we want what is best for her and I'm hoping this is it!

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