Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ain't it the truth?


Christy said...

Hah! Great sign. :)

Ilaria said...

I need one for our front lawn. We have a bigger lawn than most other homes around the neighborhood, and for "some" reason, people walking their dogs down our street must think that it's OK for their dogs to poop on our grass. Maybe they think that since we have such a "big" (big for Las Vegas - it's really not all that big!) front yard, we won't notice??? News flash: WE NOTICE!! My daughter steps in it as she runs outside to play! Hellooooooo people!

...Thanks for letting me vent... I have actually been thinking I need to put a sign up. I just haven't found one yet. Do you want to send me that one? People would learn German AND good manners!! ;)