Wednesday, June 17, 2009

An apple a day...

We just had Bella's 6 month well-baby appt...yes, I know she is 7 months old...I'm just a slowpoke procrastinator because I hate those darn immunizations...

We have a new Dr...well, duh, of course we do...we're in Germany now... Dr. Zoesh (pronounced Zesh) prefers to just be Dr. Z. He's a regular comedian and a great pediatrician. Bella took right to him...screamed and cried the entire appt. He said it didn't hurt his feelings...he had so much rejection in junior high and high school he is immune to it now.

Our little girl is soooo tiny! Dr. Z is concerned because her weight continues to move further down the % charts...she's now barely over 1% for weight (13.2 pounds today!), but he also said its not too serious because she has great skeletal growth (25% for height (26 inches!) and 75% for head).

He told me to find the healthiest kind I could and start feeding her yogurt to make her fatten up a little. I thought dairy was off limits until after age 1, but after a little research learned that yogurt and cheese are ok? I find this a great excuse to be able to go searching for delicious yogurts...can't wait for this shopping trip!

She also had her shots today...poor little thing..

Grow baby girl...grow!

Maddie and Eric both had Dr. visits today too. We just moved them under our insurance so this was their initial evaluation. Their doctor said they are too skinny...then she heard what medication they'd been on, rolled her eyes and said, "well, no wonder." HA! I think I'm really going to like her.

We've got a referral to have Madeline evaluated by a psychiatrist here and so far the Dr is on board with trying to get her off the meds she is on now. We found out today that one of them is what they currently prescribe for PTSD psychotic episodes and bipolar disorders. Aiya...for a 7 year old! I know there is a better way...fingers crossed, prayers said, good vibes...send them all Maddie girl's way!


Miss Debbie said...

Ohhhhmmmmmmm Ommmmmmm ~~~~ (vibes coming your direction for Maddie.) She doesn't need the meds - that is all her mom's doing. I will pray for her too! I think she is probably highly intellegent (after all, she is her father's daughter), and should be in a TAG type program so she stays interested in school. Now that she is under your and John's care, she will flourish and grow!!

The Hansen Family said...

You guys should look into vitamin therapy for Maddie. Yeah, I know, everybody thinks we're quacks...but Jake's been learning about a TON of research that has been done on it and it's amazing how successful it is. Not to mention, isn't it working for MOM? Call us. Or Skype. We'll hook you up for the littles.