Saturday, June 13, 2009

Baby girl is 7 months old today!

It was a beautiful day for Bella's 7 month birthday. Maddie picked a flower for her hair and we sat out in our backyard for the photo shoot...

And today was the magic day...she SITS! Woohoo...well, we still have a tumbling over problem, but she managed to stay up for at least 20-30 seconds by herself.


Christy said...

She's just THE cutest little thing! At least in the pictures here, she looks like she has long legs so far. Maybe that contributes to her present lack of "bending at the waist" balance? Good for her for going for it, though! She's the most cheerful, engaging looking little girl! Just LUV her!! :)

Cothran Family said...

oh she is so sweet anna! I miss that baby girl. Give her kisses for me. love you guys! hope the stay with Eric and Madi is going well.
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