Friday, March 27, 2009

First blood

The title is reminiscent of the movie I just finished watching - RAMBO...first blood part 2. Why don't they just call it second blood?

But I digress...

What I wanted to say is that I finally caught up on all the posts I've been delinquent on for the past few weeks. I've been working like a crazy lady and just came up from air this past week and got all caught up.

We did have a sad occurance last night that just broke my heart. Bella whacked her mouth with a toy and it started bleeding...and bleeding and bleeding. It was awful. I was quite stricken by my baby girl's mouth with blood in it...and my heart just hurt for her...she, of course, cried a little then was took her mama just a little longer to feel better.

Tomorrow is her 4 month well baby checkup and 4 month vaccinations. I'm already stressed about it...Those shots cause me great anxiety...I can make it through...I can make it through.

Oh yeah...and have I mentioned that the movers come in EIGHT DAYS?!


Miss Debbie said...

OH, ANNA~ the first 'blood' of your child is so scary. They are so helpless, and you feel so helpless, it's soooo aweful. When Kevin 'drew his first blood' crashing his chin not far from where Eric lost that tooth, I freaked. I had to call a neighbor to come help me, as I melted with the sight of him bleeding. I am sorry you had your 'first' so soon!

Cothran Family said...

Alana's first were those darn PKU tests at 2 weeks, first time she really cried. Poor Bella. Are you coming through Utah? Pleeeease!