Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bella giggled and got a new sweater.

Oh! That title is terrible English. She didn't giggle and get a new sweater because of the giggle. Actually, she giggled today for the FIRST time. I ran around like a crazy lady looking for the camera and never found it, but John and I both witnessed the cuteness of her first little laugh.

Part two is really just a thing all on its own. My dear friend Homero is the king of knitting. He knows more about knitting than I do about New Kids on the Block. I know...thats SERIOUS knitting. And when he knits...he knits the most amazing things.

LOOK what we got in the mail the other day! It fits her perfectly and I can't wait to have her wear it out on the town!

Hey! I know I look a little wide-eyed, but check out my new duds!

What IS that thing pointed in my face? Let me grasp at the safety of mama's fingers!

Hello metal shiny thing. I'm Bella. Whats your name?

My new "thing" is sucking on my bottom lip. Cute aren't I?

I just wanted to try out a new facial expression!


TricotChico said...

SO FRAKKIN' CUTE! I'm glad the sweater fits her--it really is a perfect fit right now! Huzzah!

Mosley Family said...

She is SO adorable!!! Her eyes are beautiful! I love the sweater.

Cothran Family said...

She is so cute Anna, and has already changed since you were here! I love how you kept changing her headband in these shots. Let's see the giggle video. Bring it on. By the way, very cute sweater

Barbara said...

Adorable little girl in an adorable sweather. She is growing up sooooooooooo fast.

The Days of your Life said...

I wish these cousins could get together and be the cutest little things in the world!

lesthook said...

Bella is such a dollbaby! I love her little face!