Wednesday, April 01, 2009


Ever seen that Seinfield episode with the soup Nazi that bans Seinfield from his soup for two weeks?

Yup...I've been banned from being an escort to the kids for their flight to Germany when they come to visit this summer by the biomom Nazi.

**side note** I think I can say "Biomom Nazi" with no judgemental tone since I am now a BIOMOM. So don't take that the wrong way all you women with children...

Apparently I've been labeled an "inappropriate" choice by Cruella and she is adamant that Maddie's mental health doctor will agree with her.

Not that I believe a word that comes out of her mouth as it is mostly self serving gibberish that sounds a lot like this, "ME ME ME I WANT ME WANT I AM IMPORTANT TO ME," every time I hear her open her mouth, but lets just pretend for a minute that her doctor really did say I was a bad choice.


Other than the terrible travesty of injustices that I lay on these kids (think back to Eric in tears because I make him "play" and "brush his teeth" and he doesn't have to do that at mom's house) I'm guessing its because Cruella is threatened by my friendship with them and has displayed me in the worst light possible.

Well, we shall see how this summer vacation turns out...according to the court docs she doesn't get to choose, but she'll make it hard on us if we don't give in on this one...and frankly....15 hours on a plane with the kids really doesn't sound like a party to me so I'm not really crying over this edict.


Miss Debbie said...

Sucks. Cruella is more like Psychomom. Would she let me (a third party) escort them? I would gladly do it. Maybe I am not a threat to her. You know its that she is so GREEN with envy, RED with Jealousy, and BLACK with rage that she wants to submarine anything and every wonderful, positive thing you do for those darling kids. I am so sorry you have to deal with her.....

Cothran Family said...

So sorry Anna. What a pain! How long are the kids planning on staying with you guys? That will be exciting for them to go out of the country! Tell the psycho mom to call Aaron.

The Hansen Family said...