Sunday, April 06, 2008

Thoughts on Sierra Vista

Well, we've been here a couple of days now...

I thought it would be like brother told me it would be like Ontario. I think its a little like Madras or Bend. Its a nice city. Its can drive around the whole thing in less than an hour. The base surrounds it...there are basically three main roads that go through it.

We went to the seedy part of was pretty scary looking. :)

Its not been too hot...80 degrees...this is their spring...and they say they get all 4 seasons and the hottest is about 100 degrees.

We did sit in a realtors office yesterday and checked out his "bugs in formaldehyde" collection. Ewwwwwwwwwww....they were all "local critters" that he'd found on his property...a scorpion, a gigantic spider, a tarantula, an enormous centipede...they say that the houses and complexes that back up into the desert have the worst of it with bugs like this.

We're living in the middle of town. :)

We drove out to Bisbee yesterday. LOVED the old town. I had no idea it was so cool looking...this mining town that goes straight up the side of the hill...narrow streets and a very eclectic group of shops.

We "saw" mexico from a distance, but probably won't be going there this trip.

We drove through Tombstone...not as exciting, but I did at least see boot hill. :) We've decided thats a later date saturday trip back to watch the gun fights and all that.

Overall...its a nice place to live. I'm excited to be coming here for a longer stay sometime soon.

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LaDonnaMobile said...

So it is 80 degrees out, you are going to festivals and on carnival rides . . . we had a blizzard this weekend, so I think I need to go check out Arizona for myself, too! :)