Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Happy 40th Birthday!

Mr. C is 40 years old today! Wooooohooooo! We are still in Arizona so we celebrated last night with Ray/Steph and family and friend.

Army guys on the cake were Johnnie's idea...it was a perfect addition to the Lemon Mousse Cake!
Getting ready for presents!
Notice everyone is wearing black?
Happy Birthday Uncle John says Lizzie!
We sat around outside and ate the yummy dinner Stephanie made.
Ray cooked up a delicious BBQ!
We all went geocaching and found 3 caches in the dark!
Silly String spray is a must for Birthdays!
Thats right...40 years old is older than dirt.

1 comment:

The Hansen Family said...

The older the violin the sweet the music, right?

Hoping the birthday rollover was great,
Los Hansen's