Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cat and squirrel game

I've been working all day long here in my home office. Its been a busy last few days and I'm pretty exhausted right now. My break times today were spent staring out the window and watching the neighborhood cats and my friendly backyard squirrel.

Just as a sidetrack...I really need to come up with a name for this squirrel. Its so amusing to watch and I know its the same one because he has a routine. Its the fattest squirrel you've ever seen too.

So, anyhow...the neighborhood cats like to prowl around and stalk this squirrel but he's too smart for them. Really, in my mind, I like to think that he's playing a little game with them. He comes down the tree and munches on things on the ground while they are far enough away...

They come creeping closer and he goes 1/2 way up the tree. By the time they are close to the tree he's teasing them by dangling from branches and appearing to have near miss falls where he'll catch himself just at the right time.

Its making the neighborhood cats neurotic and (I'm sad to say) is a highlight of my day now. I love watching this darn squirrel get the best of them.

Today, the squirrel actuall drops a tree blossom on the head of the cat and it swatted at it. FUNNY.

Is it sounding like I need more stimulation during my day?! :)

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Emma said...

Simple pleasures. Ahhhhhhhhhh. One of our favorites is watching our cat, Bronx, attack the lazer pointer. We find it hard to look away. We'll have to post it some time.
I hope your squirrel continues to tease the cats...I think cats need a reality check every once in awhile.