Friday, April 04, 2008


Mr. C and I are in Arizona right now...checking out the potential new housing situation. We stayed last night with my brother and his family. What a beautiful family! It was so much fun to see them all.

Mr. C wowed the little ones with his magic trick (he can take his finger off!), got up at 5:30 to play b-ball with 10 yr old Johnnie and Uncle Ray where he earned the nickname chonchito....AND we went geocaching...all within about a 14 hour time period!

While there we discovered that they love the movie Nacho Libre as much as we do and if I could ever get the video to post I'd show you the cutest video of Little Lizzie singing the Incarnacion song.

Until then...

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Anonymous said...

No way--are you moving there? I remember you posting about his officer school being there . . . so do you go back to Ore after??