Sunday, April 27, 2008

Our version of the idol show...

Miss 17-year old superstar tried out for the Portland Teen Idol contest. She did really great. Made it all the way to the top 25. I guess there were a couple of hundred kids that tried out so to be in the top 25 is really a great honor...

We went and watched her sing last night...unfortunately we couldn't stay for the whole started at 6:30 and went for 4 hours and we had the little kids.

We did stay for the first half and watched her sing one of the two songs she would perform. She did FANTASTIC. She was animated and had a great stage presence and her voice is beautiful. We were really proud of her.

Unfortunately she didn't make the cut to the top 10...The top 10 do a whole summer tour thing...but she has next year and I think she's taking this as having been a really great experience overall.

Congratulations Lexi Loo! We are so proud of you!

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