Friday, June 27, 2008

Travels have begun

Well, its day 2 of having left Oregon. The departure was sad. I was the big crybaby...packing the house and seeing it all emptied and then watching Mr. C with the kids was just too much for me. Both of the little guys wrote the sweetest little letters to him..."I love you all the way around the world and back," says Chortle and Miss Giggle wanted to make sure and put in a joke about snow in Arizona.

We finished all the cleaning at around 11PM...exhausted we spent the night at my inlaws...slept wonderfully and soundly...up the next day and had the same pile of tears occur a second time.

We spent a few hours with Grandpa in Kennewick and saw A. Linda and U. Fred. It was so good to see them and chat with them. I'll have to write a little later about U. Fred. He recently had part of his leg amputated and I had a chance to just chat a little with him...

We drove through to Ontario and stayed with my A. Nancy that night. Her home is so lovely. She just moved there and has the most beautiful container garden. It made me feel better about container gardening in Arizona.

The next day was a trip to Utah...ending in Orem at my mom's house. Its been a lot of fun to just relax a couple of days.

Regardless of the above photo, I still think both Mr. C and I got some much needed relaxation and sleep over the last couple of days.

Doesn't he just look like he's having a blast here in Utah? We leave today and head south to Zion National Park. I'm just waiting for Mr. C to get back from the "all you can eat meat fest" with the bro-in-laws and my stepdad.

I'm beginning to look forward to Arizona...we'll be there in a few days. Woohoo!


The Hansen Family said...

Oh this makes me miss everyone so bad! It looks like a pretty bittersweet journey though:)

Cothran Family said...


marty said...

Loved meeting John and seeing our sweet Anna again. Our visit was too short, but we look forward to your move to Monterey, California. I love you guys, A. Marty

Anonymous said...

What a fun way to move--stopping to play with family all along the way. I can't wait to hear what adventures await you in sunnzy Arizona!