Thursday, June 05, 2008

Packing memories

Ok...while packing I came across some of the greatest old memory folders...things I hadn't seen in years and just made my heart smile and laugh out loud. I was hoping I could find the letter Emma sent me my first week in college asking if I had any friends that is priceles...instead...from the pile I had in front of me I picked two of my favorites to share here...

First - a paper from a Family Home Evening when i was 6 years old. Jenna would have been 10...Ray was 8...Sarah was 4...Becca was 2. Look how much my family loves me...Also - take special note where my mom says I help out around the house...

Now part two...I'm in highschool and apparently my helpful around the house days were over. Its true what they say, you really learn to appreciate what your parents went through. This letter, however, made me laugh so hard. I sure love you, mom.

I also came across a bunch of poems I'd written for my all-time favorite...

I love my mother very much
Her nice brown hair
Her tender touch
Although sometimes we fight and blame
I love my mother still the same.

By me...age 8ish. :)


Anonymous said...

Okay--this is SO darling! I especially like the note from your mom--LOL. I wrote a poem about moms when I was ten. It goes:

Mom's are really nice
Their hearts like sugar and spice
When you're sad
they make you glad
And when you're good
They never get mad

Which explains why I was such a goody two-shoes--I figured out at a young age that staying under the radar is the best way to live! :)

The Hansen Family said...

That's pretty awesome. I should dig through my stuff and see what I have too - I bet there would be letters saying how much I love NKOTB! (You had NO influence over me whatsoever!)