Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Two days til packers

Do you know whats going in that box?

I'm so wired right now...what a week this has been. I'm going to be relieved when its over. But...until then...I just walked out in the garage and am in a total loss. Its the cleanest its been in 5 years...just in time for the packers to come and put it all in boxes. Can you believe this?

New strategy - want your garage cleaned and organized? Move. I'm going to keep that one in mind. :)

I've been working like a crazy lady. I have 3 days in office in downtown Portland this week to train my replacement prior to driving out of town next week. He's so great. He has a ton of experience...he's bright...he picks it up quickly. He was expensive, but it is totally worth it.

Today was my day working from home...and because of the insanity from this week...the day to catch up on all my blogs and emails. Gaaaaah! I found 3 McCarney cousin blogs! woohoo! I love finding family blogs...just getting a glimpse into their lives and to be honest...from the pictures I looked at I probably wouldn't recognize 1/2 of my 50+ cousins now. They are all grown up - have facial hair and kids...I still think of them around 8-15 years of age....

So, I'm off to munch some lunch. I had my last Dr.'s appt today for the little one. We heard a good heartbeat...but you can find out more about that here:


My Ice Cream Diary said...

As a kid, everytime we moved I was so sad that we waited to repair, fix up, upgrade, and clean until we moved. That is why I now do upgrades and improvements first thing after moving.


LaDonnaMobile said...

Immaculate! I'm now pea-green with "Garage Envy!"