Sunday, March 03, 2013

Making friends

Isabella just started preschool a few weeks ago...actually on February 5th.  I just realized I didn't put the date on her sign.  whoops!

Anyhow...she started school and within the first week had a best friend.  Brianna.  When I asked her what she likes about her and this is what I got...

"I just love her, mom."

"Why do you love her?"

"Because she wants to be my friend!" 

Is it that simple?  I want to be your friend therefore we are now friends. of those crazy things about moving around as much as we do is that you have to start over with friends everywhere you go.  I had awesome friends in Germany and maybe I'm just a little pouty that I had to leave them.  Of some point most of them will also leave Germany so the pouting is a little ridiculous.

And so this time around I actually got "involved."  I went to a spouse event and met a bunch of ladies (and one man) who are spouses of soldiers. We chatted over a game of bowling.  I discovered many of them worked in the same unit as John.  I was glad I went.  And, I specifically connected with two of them. 

And they couldn't be more opposites! 

One is just down the street from me.  She's funny...a little crazy and loud.  She's got energy and gets a little spazzy about stuff and extra bonus...has kids about the age of Bella. 

The other is quiet and reserved and has an older daughter (as in over the age of 20) who she still drives to school every day. 

But, they are my friends and I love them because they want to be my friend!  I'm lucky to have a couple of those. 

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