Sunday, March 03, 2013

DD 11 - Jax and food!

March 2, 2013

Jax loves to eat. 

Did I mention that Jax loves to eat.

Oh, and by the way...Jax loves to eat.

I'm continually looking up the "recommended servings" for an 8.5 month old because the kid doubles and sometimes triples it.

But he's not big...or even chunky really.

Take today for example...For breakfast he ate about a cup of rice cereal, a baby food jar of tropical fruit and a handful of banana puffs.

Pre nap he had a 5 oz bottle of formula

Lunch was more cereal and green beans.  1/2 banana cut into chunks.

Pre nap another 5 oz of formula.

For dinner he'll have more cereal, food and formula...

And he can't stop staring at big people food.  He's finally broken a second tooth on the bottom so its almost time to give him more chunky options...

The other day he even tried to inhale it through his nose...

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