Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

One might find it strange, but in our house...the day of the dead is a big 'ole celebration.  We love it.  We like to spend the whole entire month getting ready for it...decorating and making signs and eating candy and spooking each other. 

This year was a little tame...I blame it on the fact that John's gone...I guess we just couldn't get into the full Halloween spirit complete with flashing strobe lights and fog machine.  In fact...I didn't hand out even a single piece of candy....but that was mostly because I was out trick or treating with my girls!

But - Oh what a night!  It really was one of those evenings that had it not been halloween all plans would have been cancelled and we would have shut the house down and all gone to bed early.  First, my camera has disappeared....I had it and it literally has just magically disappeared.  Second, I was late to very scary storytime and didn't get to do my part.  I was late because I was searching for the camera.  Third, we didn't eat dinner until after 7:30PM.  Ugh...everyone was starving and very grouchy.

So, all the great photos I've taken over the last few days in October you'll just have to wait until I find that darned camera...  In the next door neighbor loaned me her camera so I did get a few cute photos of my ladybug and Angel...

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeen!

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The Days of your Life said...

Sorry about the camera! That's a serious bummer! The girls are adorable in their costumes! I love how Maddie did her face! And sweet as a ladybug!
We miss you guys!