Sunday, October 10, 2010

Angels and ladybugs...

Yesterday was the "Cougar Foundation" Halloween Extravaganza!  Sounds awful fancy dancy doesn't it... in reality it was a bunch of games set up behind our Outdoor Recreation building...and some food that you could buy as well.  It was a costume party so we all got to get dressed up in our costumes and (since its only about 5 blocks from our house) walk on over there...

This year after much deliberation and me talking her out of zombie, death, and mayhem costumes...Maddie decided to be an Angel.  Sooooooo ironic considering the whole empty room/lost priveledges thing...but thats another post...

I did her makeup in pinks and with a little eyeliner finished it off.  She wanted more, but I told her that would have to wait until Halloween night...this was good enough for the Extravaganza!

Bella, on the other hand, was a ladybug.  Now here's the deal with this costume...Halloween is pretty cool for parents because you get to help your kids decide on what kind of fun costume they want...well, this year, the ladybug costume came as a gift from...dum dum dum dummmmmmm....  Cruella Deville. 

Weird, right?  I know...I was a little miffed at first.  I understood the sentiment...apparently Lexi was a ladybug at age 2...and Maddie was a ladybug at age 2...and wouldn't it be cute for Bella to be a ladybug at age 2?

Well, yes...  it would be cute.  But thats not the point...the point is that I want to help find a cute costume for her.  Not have one sent to me from a woman who a year ago swore she'd hate me forever.  BUT...Maddie was sosososososososososo excited and I ended up agreeing to use it before I really had a chance to think it all through and say no.


Well, she IS a cute ladybug...and I made those little antennae for her. 

And then mama here...I was a pink lady.  Now please don't jump in horror...this self portrait is pretty bad...but its the only shot I got of me.  My teeth are giant.  whats up with that?  But, in true Pink Lady style I did sing my very own rendition of "There are worse things I could do.....than go with a boy...or twooo...."  I love Rizzo.

So off to the extravaganza we went where I spent a total of $4 on two tickets and two bounce house wristbands.  Both a total waste of money, but at least it was only $4.

The bounce houses were big enough for about 3 kids...Maddie went in the big kid one...and immediately got back out and said, LAME.  okay...there goes a $1 down the drain.  Bella went into the little kid one...jumped for about 15 seconds then wanted out.  So, I paid $2 for about 30 seconds of excitement. 

We were determined the games would be Maddie chose the dart game.  Bella chose the bowling game.  Darts was fun!  Maddie loved it...and we all cheered loudly for her.  Bella's bowling game...?  The pins were about 7 feet from the place where the little kids were supposed to bowl.  So, I ask the kid managing the game..."Can I move her forward?  She can't throw that far."  And the kid says NO.

So instead Bella threw the ball and I "helped" it along to the pins.  I got the death star from the 15 year old bowling pin Nazi.  Good grief, kid...the most she can "win" is a tootsie roll.  I think my $1 is worth that at least.  I actually even saw this same kid tell a 4 year old that she couldn't have one because she didn't knock any pins down!  Luckily, her mom has an attitude like mine and she marched over and took one for her kid anyhow.  ha ha ha.  He didn't last very long as the bowling game volunteer.

If you can believe it...neither of these adorable girls won the costume contest either!  The 0-5 age group had a raggedy Ann and Andy couple...  Ok...they were adorable.  But the 6-11 age group chose a scary kid with a scream mask on.  Seriously?  I told Maddie to show him the way to Heaven.  She didn't get the joke, though. (ha ha...I totally reread that paragraph and found it a tad crazed mom...i.e. Tanya Harding style - my kid must win)

And so there it was...our first Halloween Extravaganza was done! 

...And we all went home and had pizza for dinner. 

The End.


The Hannant Family said...

cute girls. I love Rizzo too. There are worse things you could do....Great costume. I don't think I'm dressing up this year. We're going to denver.

Christy said...

You and your girls have so much fun, Alley! I want to come live with you. :) And, though I am begrudged to say it, Bella *does* look adorable in the ladybug costume. Of course, Bella looks adorable ALL THE TIME so that wasn't too hard to accomplish and doesn't give too much kudos to the costume (or its originator ;p ). Nice job with Maddie's costume, too. Those girls are so lucky to have you as Momma!