Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What would you do with this?

Two days ago I was given a little bench.  Its currently sitting outside on my front walkway just below the window for the playroom.  Its just a plain little wooden bench with cast iron of the legs is broken, but that doesn't matter much right now...the bench works just fine.

So...its a tad bit boring don't you think?

So, I want to make it cute...and I'm thinking owls.  In particular, I'm thinking of using this as my inspiration...

What do you think?

What would YOU do with this bench?


Miss Debbie said...

I would make a spray of flowers

The Hannant Family said...

I think the owls are cute. It depends on where you are going to put it. If in the garden I would do birds or cute little bugs. Just a thought. But since you are a crafting genius I know you'll figure it out.