Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shades of Red...

This week at our elementary school it was our drug free week. Each day the students wore something new and crazy. Friday was wear red day and the class with the most red got a prize of some sort.

So...Friday morning, Madmad walks into my room with quite the outfit on. She'd put together the following - a red gingham top, a pink flowered skirt, hot pink leggings and red tights for the complete outfit. WOW! Oh, and she put her own hair up in two half pigtails on the side of her head.

Some choices just aren't worth making an issue out of and her choice in outfits is one of those for me. I let her wear pretty much whatever she wants within reason...I guess what I'm saying is bad matching is not a reason for me to veto an outfit...

"Don't I look beautiful? I'm wearing shades of red today, mom."

Yes you do and yes you are madmad!

It was her class party today. I made cake balls. Essentially you bake a cake then mush it up with frosting and roll it into balls. Yummmmmmm. Plus, I dipped them into chocolate. They were good. I made probably 60 of them...and they were all gone by the end of the day.

So, Bella and I went to her class party with our cake balls and had a great time watching the kids read ghost stories, dance, make skeletons and eat their hearts out. I actually got Maddie's ghost story on video, but its unfortunate that you can't really hear her very well. I might have to make her redo it here at home after she brings her story back.

(oh...and you get a good view of her awesome outfit here too.)

Yesterday night we had her soccer team party. It was a small gathering. Some of the parents couldn't make it that night - but those that could had a great time bowling.

Our poor little Vilseck Falcons team lost every game this season - The good news is that they played hard and they had fun.  In the end it didn't really matter.  Coach told me that Maddie is the best 8 year old goalie he's ever coached.  I thought that was a great compliment for her. 

And another great shot of the outfit... ha ha ha

Maddie, Bella and Aiden.  Shhhhhhhh....the big secret is that Maddie has a bit of a crush on Aiden.  He adores Bella and is letting her throw the bowling ball for one of his turns.

Uhmmm...yeah...she whomped every other kid out there.  A 125?  She would have whomped me.  I do have to say, though...that Mico with the 27 was the only kid that didn't want the bumpers.

Coach handing out the trophies.  These are pretty cool...the tops the wheel of fortune...makes a little buzz sound. 

The teammates that made it to the party...

Maddie and Coach.  Bella calls him "papa"...we're not sure why, but whenever the soccer balls come out she starts asking about papa. 


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