Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wiesbaden and Wurzburg

John had to go to Wiesbaden for a week to take some class or other for his job.  We decided to drive up on the Friday and spend the weekend with him and check out Weisbaden.  The town is pretty big....we actually thought it looked a lot like Portland does in the city center. 

While at the hotel Maddie and Bella took advantage of the loooooong hallways to race and chase each other around.

We stayed at a hotel that was within walking distance so first thing Saturday morning we headed out to see the sights.  John and I have decided we want to live in this gorgeous house...isn't it magnificent?

We found a cool tree that was bricked up in the middle.  Maddie was fascinated with it.

The city center had a gorgeous cathedral.  With the sunshine and the clouds it was an amazing view and the photo just doesn't do it justice.

Like all town in Europe we found little back alley secret hideaways with amazing architectural features and designs.

It was great to just enjoy the mild temperatures and take a long walk around town.

Back at the hotel Daddy and Bella played hide and go seek.  Here is her face when she "found" daddy under the blanket.  Its time for a bathtub I think.

The next morning we were greet with the sun and a chattery baby girl...

We left Wiesbaden on Sunday morning to head back to Vilseck and made a detour to Wurzburg along the way...we'd heard it was a magnificent town...we only saw a small part of it and fell in love with its beauty.

One of the things we loved most about the town were all the interesting statues...

We also loved the riverwalk...

There was a palace in the center of town called Schloss Veitschochheim.  It had an amazing garden that stretched on endlessly...

...and had even more amazing statues. I only picked a couple to put in this post...we took probably 30 photos of statues.

Maddie was attacked by geese near the big pond.  She didn't notice it coming after her until it was only about 5 feet from her.  It was very funny to watch her shriek and run.  We got it all on video.  :)

And then we finally made our way to the palace...

The front steps had these great stone dragons

John caught this great "Maddie shot."  Isn't it just something you can see her doing?

After we left the palace and went back to the car we happened upon this gem.  No clue how or why, but it made for a fun final photo.


Cothran Family said...

I wanna come see! How cool and awesome is all that! Wow, I love the statues and the gardens and the kiddos are cute as ever.

TricotChico said...

I think you guys are having more fun than me. I'm officially jealous! (but still glad you're having an apparently awesome time)

TheMuffinMom said...

What beautiful places you get to visit! I would just love to go strolling through those amazing gardens in the Spring! Great pics and stories--thanks! :)