Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dance Party & Kitty Cakes!

On Saturday we celebrated Bella's birthday with some neighborhood friends with a dance party.  We hung up some fun Christmas blinker lights, rearranged the furniture and laid out some great snacks.  I actually MADE her cakes...while its not as professional looking as the one in the magazine I think I did a pretty good job.

We got Bella all dressed up in her party duds and soon had some great friends over to open presents, dance to some fun tunes and eat and eat and eat.

When it was time for the birthday cake I chose the cute little orange tabby kitten and put her 1st birthday candle on it for her second cake experience in two days.

Because birthday girl had gotten so messy we changed her into an outfit that Auntie Jenna sent her. We had to work off all that cake and had a little more dance party time...someone was on a serious sugar high.

Just lounging around in my birthday suit.  :)

Auntie Jenna...did you HAVE to send this stinky headband too?

She had a wonderful day....but even with as much as we've had fun celebrating...the parties are now at an end...


Cothran Family said...

cute anna! She is such a doll. I LOVE first birthday cake pictures. Way to go baby Abella for diggin' in:) love you!

TricotChico said...

I love the way she handled that cake! Clearly you two are raising her *just* *right*! Happy Birthday! *<]:o)